890 Adventure Accessories
KTM 890 Adventure Performance Pack

KTM 890 Adventure Tech Pack

The KTM TECH PACK includes all software features which are available for the 890 ADVENTURE:

  • Rally Pack
  • Quickshifter+
  • MSR
  • Cruise Control

Rally Pack

  • "Rally" ride mode for your 890 Adventure
  • 9 stage traction control spin adjuster
  • Allows adjustment of the throttle response

Cruise Control

  • The desired speed can be set and changed individually on your 890 Adventure

Motor Slip Regulation (MSR)

  • The motor slip regulation (MSR) works counter to the motorcycle traction control (MTC)
  • If the motor slip regulation is too high due to rapid downshifting or abrupt throttle reduction, the Ride-by-Wire system opens the throttle valve exactly enough to prevent the rear wheel from drifting away
  • Thanks to MSC support, this system also works depending on the cornering angle


  • The Quickshifter+ allows smooth, clutchless up and down shifting with a load
  • This function adapts to your riding style and reacts accordingly
  • Shifting is fast and crisp when you're riding at speed, smooth and soft when you're going more slowly

Akrapovic Slip-on Exhaust

The KTM 890 Adventure Akrapovic slip-on exhaust is made from high-grade titanium. It has an uncompromising race look whilst giving a substantial weight saving over the standard exhaust.

  • No new engine flashing required
  • Sporty sound

*Please talk to us about the fitting charge for this pack 

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