KTM 1290 Super Duke R Accessories
KTM Super Duke R Comfort Pack

Ergo Riders Seat

The Super Duke R Ergo riders seat has been designed by KTM for long distance rides. The 3D structure mesh and special foam ensures that there is even pressure distribution which enhances the seating comfort, and the optimised shape gives the rider more legroom and better contact with the bike.

  • Elegant design
  • High-quality look
  • Perfect fit
  • Plug & Play mounting
  • Custom designed seat for an uncompromising look
  • Same seat height like the standard seat

Ergo pillion seat

The Super Duke R Ergo pillion seat has been designed by KTM for long distance rides. It has an elegant design with a high-quality look.

  • Perfect fit
  • Plug & Play mounting


The Super Duke R Fly Screen has been developed by KTM to provide optimised aerodynamics. It is made of lightweight material and has been designed to perfectly integrate into the motorcycle.

  • Windshield for the transition between headlamp and instrument cluster
  • Simplifies cleaning
  • It is 157 mm high


If you want warm hands whatever the weather is then the KTM Super Duke R heated grips are the accessory for you. They are adjustable in 4 steps and can be operated using the menu switch on the handlebar.


The fuel tank protection sticker provides permanent protection for the lacquer in areas where the tank sees more wear. No more unattractive scratches or matte spots on your Super Duke R tank.

  • Perfect fit
  • Made from a high-quality, elastic base film
  • Structured surface for better grip
  • Black


*Please talk to us about the fitting charge for this pack if you wish us to fit it to your 1290 Super Duke R


1290 Super Duke R Tech Pack

Treat yourself to the full suite of KTM software enhancements for your 1290 Super Duke R. The KTM TECH PACK for the 1290 Super Duke R includes all software packs which are available for the 1290 Super Duke R:

  • MSR
  • Adaptive brake light

1290 Super Duke R Track Pack

  • Traction control spin adjuster (9-stage)
  • Adjustment of the throttle response
  • "Track" ride mode - this mode offers only the functions which are needed for riding on the race track
  • Anti-wheelie mode is turned off
  • Launch control
  • "Performance" mode – this mode offers additional functions which are enabled through the TRACK PACK. It also includes functions which are helpful for riding on the public road, such as cruise control, or KTM MY RIDE navigation

1290 Super Duke R QUICKSHIFTER+

  • Allows smooth, clutchless up and down shifting with a load
  • This function adapts to your riding style and reacts accordingly
  • Shifting is fast and crisp when you're riding at speed, smooth and soft when you're going more slowly


  • The motor slip regulation (MSR) works counter to the motorcycle traction control (MTC)
  • If the motor slip regulation is too high due to rapid downshifting or abrupt throttle reduction, the Ride-by-Wire system opens the throttle valve exactly enough to prevent the rear wheel from drifting away
  • Thanks to MSC support, this system also works depending on the cornering angle

Akrapovic Slip-on Exhaust

The KTM Akrapovic slip-on exhaust is made from high-grade titanium. It has an uncompromising race look whilst giving a substantial weight saving over the standard exhaust.

  • Laser-engraved logo
  • Plug & Play mounting
  • No new engine flashing required
  • Sporty sound
  • Carbon silencer cap

*Please talk to us about the fitting charge for this pack if you wish us to fit it to your 1290 Super Duke R

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